About me

Hi and welcome!

If you are not a German speaking person, you were probably wondering what “Herumtreiberin” means. Well, let me tell you, it is somewhere in the lines of roamer, wanderer, globetrotter. Because that’s what I am: A wanderer. Always on the move, always wishing for my next travel adventure to start as soon as possible.


So who’s “Herumtreiberin”?

I am an English-Speaking Cultures and geography student in her mid twenties writing for like-minded people searching for authentic, unique and special travel experiences. My passion for blogging began in 2009, but only during the turn of the year 2013/14 I decided to finally turn my love to travel the world into a blog of its own. Since then, Herumtreiberin has been constantly growing and in addition to my own, personal travels I’ve had the great opportunity to work together with agencies and companies around the world to see even more of the world.