Things to do in Limfjorden, Denmark: Dine with the Danes

During my travels I always try to get in touch with locals as much as possible – who knows a country better than they do? Understandably, I was sceptical if a meeting is still authentical if it doesn’t just come to happen but is actually booked beforehand. The answer is: Yes!  “Dine with the Danes” is probably the most authentic bookable travel experience.

Before I went on holiday in Denmark this year I searched the web for exciting and unique things to do during my time in Limfjorden. That’s when I came across “Dine with the Danes” – a concept where Danes invite guests into their houses and cook for them. As a huge fan of foreign country’s cusine I knew at once: I have to do this! About two weeks later, Anna Marie and her husband Harald opened the door to their house in Roslev for me:

Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark

The vibe was good straight away as the two of them gave my travel companion and me a very warm-hearted welcome and immediately invited us to take a seat at their set table. Within seconds we were deep in conversation, got to know each other, talked about all the pieces of art decorating the living room and discussed holidaying in Denmark. For me it was most interesting to listen to the life stories of Anna Marie and her husband as they spent 10 years living in Germany, regularly do voluntary work and undertake plenty of trips themselves – they really have a lot to tell!

Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark

While Anna Marie quickly disappeared into the kitchen to get the starter, first bottles were opened at the table: Danish beer from a brewery in a neighbouring village and a strong Danish dill schnaps that our hosts had chosen to go with the meal:

Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, DenmarkDine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark

The food was also a display of regional and traditional food – the starter was a small variation of sweet and sour pickled fish, smoked salmon and egg salad as this is commonly eaten in Denmark:

Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark As a main course Anna Marie served a huge platter with an opulent selection of hearty delights: Homemade meatballs, little steaks with onions, roast pork cut, pâté, ham and salami from the Danish island of Fur, garnished with fresh vegetables.Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark

I was absolutely amazed as I tried my way through everything on the platter – the salami from the island of Fur, which we were to visit the next day, turned out to be my favourite! But that wasn’t all of it: To conclude out meal Anna Marie served a selection of regional cheese with summer fruits and crackers, tea, coffee and a few more dill schnaps. After all of this, I was absolutely full and satisfied. ;)Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark During a little tour around the house I learnt some more about my incredible hosts: Anna Marie, who used to be a teacher, runs a little B&B with beautifully furnished rooms and knows a lot about the surrounding area – she was able to give me quite a few tips for my stay in Denmark. During our meal I kept on hearing a low buzzing which I couldn’t really place – while taking a look at the spacious garden I found the answer: The majority of the energy that Anna Marie, Harald and guests use is sustainably produced by solar panels on their own roof that make a little buzzing sound when they turn on. ;)Dine with Danes, Limfjorden, DenmarkDine with Danes, LimfjordenI truly would’ve loved to spend some more time in the cozy garden with a fire place, but I had some more things on my agenda for the day and so, with a heavy heart, I had to say goodbye to Anna Marie and Harald. :( As it just so happened we met on the island of Fur the next day because (the scatterbrain that I am) I had forgotten my jacket at their place. :DDine with Danes, Limfjorden, Denmark

The afternoon with Anna Maria and her husband in Roslev was absolutely amazing and I am glad that I decided to give  “Dine with the Danes” a chance – an exciting and authentic concept that also exists in other countries and that I’ll definitely pay more attention to in my future holiday planning. ;)

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