Places to eat in Limfjorden, Denmark: Sevel Kro

I have to admit that I am a total foodie. Whenever somebody offers me food, I will say yes. ;) Especially while I am travelling in foreign countries I find it quite exciting to get a taste of local cuisine since (for me) it is quite a significant part of a country’s culture. If i want to eat at McDonald’s, I don’t have to travel around the world first because I might as well do so at home (except that I don’t). So when I’m on the road I try to stay away from international restaurant chains and rather try to find places the locals go to and/or that offer food that’s typical for the area.

That’s how I ended up at the restaurant Sevel Kro in the Danish region Limfjorden – it hosts a huge barbecue party every Friday in July that attracts plenty of locals, so without booking beforehand it might be tricky to get a table.

Sevel Kro, Denmark

Not only inside the restaurant, but also on the terrace, every table was taken – most of them probably booked quite a while ago to be on the safe side. In additon to that, there was a local duo playing on a little stage – a mix of hits like Passenger’s “Let Her Go” and oldies like The Eagles, but mostly Danish songs that added to the amazing atmosphere at Sevel Kro.

Sevel Kro, Denmark

The prevailing mood at the restaurant was truly great, and the food was just way too delicious! A buffet was set up with plenty of salads, bread, dips, different potato dishes and vegetables. Even exotic foods like hummus and olive tapenade had found their way to this beautiful spot. And then of course there was the master cook manning the barbecue, preparing a variety of yummies right outside on the terrace: steak, sausages, spare ribs, pulled pork and zucchini slices.

Sevel Kro, DenmarkI must say: My praise goes out to the Danes for the best, juciest spare ribs I ever ate! <3

Sevel Kro, Denmark

As full as I was, I couldn’t just leave after several plates of tasty barbecue food without taking a closer look at the a la carte desserts, so my travel companion and I agreed on sharing two different desserts – a variation of sorbet, parfait and cake as well as a chocolate cake with a liquid centre and vanilla ice cream. And once again Sevel Kro convinced me of its greatness – the desserts were heavenly delicious and presented in a professional, appetizing way – the kitchen at this restaurant really knows how to deliver first class!

Sevel Kro, Denmark Sevel Kro, Denmark

All in all I got the opinion that Sevel Kro does not just offer cookery and cusine at the highest level, but also comes along with a down-to-earth, genuinely Danish atmosphere. On top of this, the staff was friendly, attentive and caring and the cooks seem to be happy, too – one of them even dared to come out of his kitchen realm to check that his guests were doing okay.

For all of this I am certain: I would always return to Sevel Kro, preferrably next summer for their delicious barbecue buffet. ;)

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