Let’s spend the night together: 25h Hotel Hamburg, Germany


I travel to Hamburg almost regularly – be it to visit concerts, exhibitions, events or to hang out with friends. During my last visit in the hanseatic city, I stayed at 25h hotel for the first time – a  stylish accomodation through and through that I just have to introduce to you (and no, I’m not getting paid to do so).

Marine flair in a prime location

25h already scores when it comes to the hotel’s location: Only two stops away from the main station, it is located in Hamburg’s “Hafencity” (Harbour city), which is more and more becoming the “place to be” in Hamburg. The famous historical warehous district (Speicherstadt) is only a stone’s throw away and thanks to the new subway line Hamburg’s Hafencity is connected to the rest of the city and travelling around is as easy as it could be.

The fact that Hamburg is a hanseatic city with a lof ot maritime traffic has clearly been the keynote when designing the 25h hotel – the lobby awaits guests with maritime harbour chick thanks to buoys and cargo containers:

25 Hamburg Lobby

And the rooms are designed with the same sailor charme, almost as if you’d spend the night in a spacious, comfy ship cabin.

“Let’s spend the night together” – no hotel has ever asked me this directly.

25h Hamburg Zimmer

The desk in my 25h room reminded me of a cabin trunk.

Rooms with love for detail

But the 25h hotels’s maritime flair was not the only reason why I immediately fell in love with it – I was also fascinated by how much love for detail and thought they have put into furnishing and decorating the rooms:a globe on the desk, a hot-water bottle and a cuddly toy sheep next to the bed, a Canvasco bag you could borrow for the duration of your stay, a shelf full of magazines, a comfortable beanbag chair on the balkony and even something to read stored next to the toilet – they clearly thought of everything!

Kleiderschrank mit Canvasco-Leihtasche

In addition to the apparent love for detail at 25h, they also seem to work with a good sense of humour. This becomes clear if you take a look inside the mini bar: Instead of normal beer labels they have redesigned the bottles of local Astra beer with some cheeky statements:

“Where’s the campagne?”

However, I truly laughed the loudest when I saw the “do not disturb”-sign in my room – even a boring necessity like this is fun at the 25h hotel: “I tried to decorate. It went terribly wrong.”, “There’s a monster behind this door.”, “I’m normally a clean person” or “Still naked” – the dnd-signs offers a selections of creative options to make sure housekeeping comes to clean up or stays away. :)


I was also delighted how attentive housekeeping was: The pillow was too flat for me, so I used both the pillows from my double bed. Housekeeping must have noticed, because when I returned the next day my bed was made with both pillows on one side. <3

25h Hotel Hamburg

And the list of positive things about this place just doesn’t end: In the bathrooms, 25h relies on natural cosmetics with an ecofriendly message: “Stop the water while using me!” That makes you think twice if you leave the water running while brushing your teeth or showering when you actually don’t need it at that moment. ;)

25h Hotel Hamburg: Stop the water while using me

When I left Hamburg, I was almost a little sad that due to the many contacts and friends I have in Hamburg I barely ever stay in hotels there. Luckily, 25h Hotels also excist in other locations around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ;)

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