Almost as much as I like to travel, I love to look through travel guides, magazines and search the web. Sometimes I spend an eternity on the pages of Ryanair, Lonely Planet or on other travel-related web portals, clicking my way through offers and dreaming myself far away – a short getaway for my phantasy, so to say. ;)

But when it actually comes down to travel planning and preparation, everything has to be neat and organized for me – after all, I want my holiday to be prefectly arranged. To help with that, my mother gave me some nice things that help me keep an overview over my travel plans:

Number 1: A cool notebook with a travel-design cover helps me organize and structure my thoughts, ideas and plans. It also has room for important information like flight times, addresses and phone numbers I’ll need when travelling. Currently I am additionally using this notebook to keep track of my travel budget and expenses for my trip to Australia.

Travel notebook and post its

Number 2: Stylish post-it notes for travel guides and everything else. Those small notepads don’t just help me stay on top of everything, but also have room for comments and annotations. For example I put them everywhere in my travel guide where I found especially important or interesting information – opening hours, events, transportation tips and so on.

Such gimmicks are surely not necessary to prepare for a holiday, but they help me to remember everything important so things don’t get lost in the chaos of uni, everyday life and travels. ;)


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  1. picturefinder

    As the saying goes, sometimes it is the little things that can make all the difference, and when it comes to planning a journey, the little things can go a long way to making your trip


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