Lisbon’s most beautiful flat: Vintage style at Rita and Pedro’s


Lisbon is a great city full of sights, vitality and sweet treats. But what made my stay there truly special weren’t the many viewpoints, the tasty pasteis de nata or famous Castelo Sao Jorge. What made my time in Lisbon truly unique was the incredibly beautiful flat of Rita and her husband Pedro.

Sure, there are plenty of chic hotels and affordable hostels all over Lisbon. But I’ve been a huge fan of Airbnb for a while now and so I decided to find myself an accomodation from their website. One ad jumped at me right away: “Be a Lisboner“. I took a look at the photos, read a few host reviews…and booked!

Airbnb Lissabon

And I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Before I even started my trip, communication with Pedro and Rita was nothing less than perfect – and since Pedro works at the airport, he personally welcomed me upon my arrival and even drove me to the apartment! On the drive there, Pedro was happily chatting away, telling me about Lisbon and pointing out important things like supermarkets and tram stops close to the flat.

Airbnb Lissabon

When I entered the flat for the first time, I felt like travelling back in time: Vintage through and through with an incredible eye for detail. “Be a Lisboner” became my home away from home from that first moment on because this apartment felt way more personal and welcoming than any hotel room ever could.

Airbnb Lissabon, Portugal

While I walked around the apartment in astonishment, I almost missed the surprise that was waiting for me on the dining table: A box filled with tasty treats from the local bakery including the famous pasteis de nata! Rita and Pedro had really thought of everything that might make a hungry traveller like me a happier person. ;)

Pasteis de Nata

Just as Pedro was about to leave, he asked about my plans for the night. “Not much”, I responded, “probably dinner somewhere”. After a short phone call with his wife, Pedro made an offer that almost knocked me off my feet: “Come with us, we’re going out tonight!” How can I say no to that? :D I quickly freshened up and got back in the car with Pedro, who had picked up Rita and his mother-in-law in the meantime.

But obvisouly we didn’t drive to a restaurant right away: To become a true Lisboner, I had to visit at least one of the city’s many viewpoints on my first day. Rita and Pedro took me to their favourite spot to show me the best view over Lisbon and on our way to dinner we even stopped at another viewpoint. In between all of this, Pedro kept on sharing Lisbon’s secrets with me, told me where the real nightlife happens and to round of an amazing evening we went to the Praca do Comércio together to check out a lightshow. What an evening! I couldn’t have had a better start in Lisbon.

Airbnb Lissabon, Portugal

“A life without travelling is like a room without a window.”

And after my visit to Rita and Pedro’s unique apartment in Lisbon I now know one thing for sure: Vintage never goes out of style.

Airbnb Lissabon, Portugal

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